Watch this exquisite video of artist Garip Ay perform the art of Turkish Ebru aka ‘Paper Marbling’. And to think it started with just a few drops of ink in water…


Directed, Shot & Edited by David Turveyebru-art_2



Art of this nature always leaves room for conversation… Here’s a some of YouTube comments we’ve picked out to show you. Leave us what you think about this art form and the video in the comment box at the bottom of the page…


Oh my golly I’ve read about this art technique before, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen in actually going through the process. O_O That’s so beautiful.

Peter Schellinck:

… creativity … has … NO … limits … brilliant … 

Damon Dyer:

Pretty fucking cool.. Just when you think it’s ruined or boring, he turns it around.

MightBeMyth1 month ago

This is the most relaxing thing I’ve seen, holy shit
+TheUniSquirrel , you’d love it. I need to stop tagging you in these things oops

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