Welcome to our 30th issue of one small seed magazine in collaboration with PUMA!!!

30 is a big number. Most of us actually feel grown up for the first time at 30. The age where you finally understand who you are and what you want in life. Hence the content choice for this issue titled “Originality Through Details”.

The world is turning fast and often we ask ourselves, ‘how much must we follow technology or how far must we remain true to our heart and our passion(s). In this edition, we made a great selection of highly talented people from Modena, New York and Berlin to Hong Kong and back who, in our view, are individuals mastering the balance of craftsmenship, detail, passion and an occasional touch of technology, in a perfect manner. ‘It’s not about the amount of tools you have, but how you use them […] how you create with your heart,’ says Riccardo Moretti from LegoLoop. Indeed. If we look at Paolo Nutini, who has millions of views on YouTube and played with the Rolling Stones, but does not even know his password for his Twitter account. In our interview, Nutini tells us: ‘It’s all about the music, man.’ And he is right.

Then we found you a little gem francais, who, and believe me on this one, will go places as a street artist. Levalet, who brings the streets of Paris alive, also strongly believes that people should be able to create with their hands. In 1962, a new literary art magazine was published by poet and activist Ed Sanders in the Lower East Side of New York. Andy Warhol (full pdf can be downloaded on the inside), and lots of other iconic names, was a guest contributor for this ‘zine called “Fuck You” / A Magazine of the Arts.

So yes, let’s say ‘Fuck you! ’Fuck you to too much technology taking over our lives… our freedom.



one small seed issue 30