#YourINK – Part I: Win a Professional Photo Shoot & Levi’s Gear

Would you like to see yourself and your tattoos in a future issue of Cult of Self Magazine?

Theatrical Art: Dramatic Sculptures of Dancing Faeries

The UK-based sculptor Robin Wight — who works mostly with stainless steel wire — has created enchanting and dramatic sculptures of faeries dancing with dandelions. These winged mythical creatures, making wishes with their dandelions, move with and against lyrics of a wind that lives only a magical realm belong to them.

Watch the “Mad Max: Fury Road” Official Trailer!

The first trailer for the 2015 release Mad Max: Fury Road is online! Directed, produced and co-written by George Miller, Fury Road will be the fourth film in Miller’s Mad Max franchise – and the first to be released in almost 30 years! With many of its exterior shots being filmed in Namibia and South...

Trailer for The Simpsons X Family Guy Cross-over Episode

For only the second time (its first being with The Critic) in 25 seasons, The Simpsons will be part of an official cross-over episode, this time with Family Guy. Comic-Con 2014 attendees got an early taste of the episode on Saturday 26 July – and now it’s our turn to check out the five-minute sneak...

Rebecca Handler’s The Couples: Behind The Scenes Videos

Featured HERE, in the first digital edition of one small seed magazine — ‘The Irony of Reality’ Issue — New York photographer Rebecca Handler’s latest series, The Couples, portrays historic ‘duos’ set in contemporary times. Each of them is depicted in a cinematic scene, contrasting the lifestyle they are famed for having. The curtain has been dropped as Handler...

Oliver Barnett: Behind The Scenes

Featured in the first digital issue of one small seed magazine — ‘The Irony of Reality’ Issue — Cape Town-based photographic artist Oliver Barnett’s aim is to ‘unite scientific and spiritual realms to invoke balance in the way humans interact with nature.’

45 Years Later, John Lennon’s Words on ‘War & Peace’ Highly Relevant to Today’s Crisis of Violence & Corruption

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced Lenon to do an interview about peace. 45 years later, Levitan produced a film about it. And now – in this time of period of shocking violence, corruption, poverty and...

Human LCD: Incredible Video of South Korean Cheerleaders!

This is a must-see video of high school students cheering for their soccer team. It’s no ordinary cheer leading performance either: the students, instead of holding up cards, use their clothes as their ‘cheering tools’. They sport a jacket that shows one colour on the back and a different one the front and, when opened,...

Cult of Self Magazine – Issue 02

After receiving great feedback for our first issue, we’re proud to give you Issue 02 of Cult of Self Magazine. From café racers and customized bikes to tattoos and skateboarding, the content reflects our aim: to represent, nurture and inspire subcultures that celebrate self-awareness through visual style. Just some of the highlights in this issue...

Ever seen a body look like this!?

Body Painting – one of the most original types of art that was used mostly in traditional rituals/ceremonies – is now increasingly being considered and revered as a contemporary art form. Verging on the unbelievable, here are the striking and surreal images from German Body Artist, Gesine Marwedel.

Images of the Month | July

The one small seed network is a buzzing space filled with inspiration, creativity and and an archive of over 60 000 images. From international and local photographers (those just starting out to the highly revered), to artists and designers, and also bloggers – is the ultimate go-to platform to share your work, connect with...

All the colours of the… Apple gay pride video!

A brand that continues to broaden the spectrum of ‘thinking design’, Apple has stood by their unwavering commitment to equality and diversity by making a stunning video showing their support in gay pride. (Length: 02.09)

Surreal Photography: The Power of Perception

Taiwanese photographer Yung Cheng Lin is a voyeur of all that surrounds him, looking at the familiar – the ‘ordinary’ – he is able to see ‘what can be’. Witty and suggestive, Lin’s highly engaging surreal images are the product of his vivid imagination, photographic technical know-how, and his raw understanding about the power of...