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Backstage Epilepsy by Photographer Waldo Pretorius

Only some witness the final product and the few moments of perfection from the viewers’ seats of the catwalk. Designers spend months immersed in their work to bring their visions to life at the show. Filmed at the 2013 SA Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, photographer Waldo Pretorius‘ short film, Backstage Epilepsy, offers a...
Pop your bottle – Designers for x Zarb Champagne

Pop your bottle – Designers for x Zarb Champagne

While the holidays are almost here, you may want to have one of these bottles in your collection. The idea behind Zarb is that the bottle is used as an artistic medium. The ambitious brand is having new designs exhibited in Palais Royal in Paris. Read on to find out which designers created their own...