While the holidays are almost here, you may want to have one of these bottles in your collection. The idea behind Zarb is that the bottle is used as an artistic medium. The ambitious brand is having new designs exhibited in Palais Royal in Paris. Read on to find out which designers created their own Zarb bottle and what Zarb has to do with charity.






Twenty different artists were given complete freedom to create their fashionable Zarb bottle. Amongst them Jan Taminiau, Andrea Crews, PP from Longwy, Chaotic Bastards, Nina Naustdal, Antoine Bouillot and Hanna Hermans. Zarb knows what they stand for: fashion and design. A real eye catcher is the bottle from Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, his bottle was inspired by his last couture collection, Nature Extends. Taminiau gave the bottle wings and turned it into a woman.

As told in the beginning, the other collaboration of Zarb is with Orange Babies, they support HIV positive pregnant women in Africa. The ‘Hope’ bottle as they called it is all white with the shape of baby feet engraved and has an orange detail. From each sold bottle which costs R390, R50 will be donated to Orange Babies. Cheers to that.