| Competition | Holi Festival of Colours, Cape Town

It’s not just summer that is hitting Cape Town’s shores – the original Holi Festival of Colours 2013 World Tour will be taking over the city on Saturday the 12th of October! And, luckily for you, we’re giving away two double tickets! Read on to find out how to win


The Vodun Haunts are a six-piece psycho outfit made up of Le Riche Meyer (on the Vox Box), Russell Hatton (on the Shredder), Lance Brandow (on the double bass), Ken Bull-Smith (on the beat), Shaun Ponting (on the Six String) and Cami Scoundrel (on the Bag of Tricks). Their Facebook description claims that they have...

#Bottomrightcorner | The Berlin Edition

Every week we compile a selection of music to sing you into the weekend and list them in a post called #bottomrightcorner. Sometimes new tunes, sometimes themed tunes and sometimes we ask a music aficionado to choose the tunes for us. This week we dedicate our selection to one of the most sought-after cities for...

SYN-Phon (Graphic Notation)

Budapest Art Factory (BAF) is pleased to present to you SYN-Phon; sound performance based on graphical notation by Candaş Şişman featuring Barabás Lőrinc and Ölveti Mátyás. Candaş Şişman resided at BAF for the month of June as part of its cross-cultural fertilization residency program. (Length:10:57)

Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance (Official Video)

Here’s the new video from Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams and directed by Thomas Bangalter, Guyman de Homem-Christo, Warren Fu, Paul Hahn and Cedric Hervet (Length: 04:11).

MiNNAAR: A long time comin’

MiNNAAR is an explosive and long-overdue musical collaboration between brother and sister Louis and Magdalene MiNNAAR. The super-talented siblings have been brooding over this symbiotic project for many months, engrossed in the crafting of their dramatic lyrics, soaring melodies and crunching beats. Not being governed by any specific genre, MiNNAAR’s music weaves an electronic beat...

| Interview | TOKiMONSTA: Telling Stories

In a music industry dominated by men, TOKiMONSTA (born Jennifer Lee) is a unique figure even amongst her female counterparts. Bridging the gap between electronic music and hip hop, her unique style includes elements of dance music while incorporating the ethereal mood of head-nodding beats. Preferring to just be herself, while not exploiting her looks...


The latest project from BIG FKN GUN is their song ‘Wunga’, which shows their take on the drug that is currently destroying the youth in Durban and spreading to other townships. Directed by Ravi Govender(length: 04:10)

Interpret Durban 4 leaves eThekwini in smiles

Interpret Durban is an arts and culture event in Durban South Africa. On the 31 August, Durban’s stunning 103-year-old City Hall welcomed the fourth edition of the festival, with a theme ‘The Concrete Circus Edition’.

Win tickets to Vodacom In the City!

Vodacom In the City is a one-day music festival taking place on 4 October in downtown Jozi. The line-up this year is unparalleled, and includes Swedish rock sensation The Hives, revived iconic British band Skunk Anansie, as well as alt-j and Boys Noize! We have one double ticket to give away, read on to see...

Ian MacKaye: The Political is Personal

In Issue 25 of one small seed magazine – “The Bigger Picture” Issue – we featured an interview with punk rock legend Ian MacKaye. To follow is the full interview – the result of a highly candid two-hour long conversation with MacKaye.

DJ DJNA ft. Jack Parow – Sick of it All

During his visit to Holland june this year Jack Parow visited the studio complex Kytopia to work with DJ DNA and drummer Michel Schoots. Two musicians that used to be part of what is called the most influential dutch band ever: Urban Dance Squad, who paved the way for (and heavily inspired) bands such as...

The Virtuosity of 140 bpm – an interview with 12th Planet

Dubstep has reached its pinnacle globally, and has now progressed beyond just a brand into various forms of electronic music. At the 2013 Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival in Detroit – which featured artists from indie rock, punk, metal, and dubstep – one small seed contributor Kelly Frazier was able to follow up with...