one small seed #30: Italian Artist Walking Through Walls

Matteo Pugliese had the art of sculpture down way before he pursued any formal education. Now, his sculptures literally walk through walls. Can’t believe it? See for yourself:

one small seed #30: Amazing Artworks of Johnson Tsang

Meet the man who can bring clay to life! Johnson Tsang models reality with exquisite precision:

one small seed #30: ‘Fuck You’ Zine Remains Revolutionary

In 1962, a new literary art magazine was published by poet and activist Ed Sanders in the Lower East Side of New York. Andy Warhol (full pdf can be downloaded inside), and lots of other iconic names, contributed to this ‘zine called “Fuck You” / A Magazine of the Arts. It’s bitchy in its wit,...

one small seed #30: LegoLoop

LegoLoop is a killer act on the scene — both in Cape Town and Italy — and we had to know what’s behind it. They sure didn’t let us down. Find out more in our 9-minute-long video interview:

one small seed #30: Levalet’s Parisian Affair

When we saw this street artist’s work, we just knew he was going to go places! Check out how Levalet brings the streets of Paris alive:

one small seed#30: A Face to Face Interview with Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini has millions of views on YouTube and has played with the Rolling Stones, but doesn’t even know the password to his Twitter account. ‘It’s all about the music, man,’ he tells us. Get to know him better in our face-to-face interview:

one small seed #30: Iris van Herpen Hacks Infinity

Iris van Herpen has an amazing way of expressing the character and emotions of a woman through fashion. At one small seed we strongly believe in the strength of femininity, so we needed you to see Hacking Infinity:


Welcome to our 30th issue of one small seed magazine in collaboration with PUMA!!! 30 is a big number. Most of us actually feel grown up for the first time at 30. The age where you finally understand who you are and what you want in life. Hence the content choice for this issue titled...

Rising Up to sit down for a Q&A with OBEY

While a growing number of individuals – laughing, jamming, conversing and feeling the funk on the streets of Braamfontein, Jozi – gazed up at Shepard Fairey’s forming mural of Mandela, one small seed was gearing up for up our talk with the American contemporary street artist/illustrator/activist. Watch our video interview with the face and force...

Calling Mr Brainwash

From his California home, LA street artist Mr Brainwash – born in Paris under the name Thierry Guetta – gave one small seed an exclusive phone interview. Originally published in issue 24 and now featured in our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA.

In 2009, we discovered the artist who was born a dog…

one small seed’s old editor, Dylan Culhane, discovers the extraordinary imagination of Ray Caesar. First published in issue 12 and now part of our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA.

Crazier than Hunter S. Thompson?

Our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA, features a rare interview with the legendary Gonzo artist and cartoonist Ralph Steadman. In it he shares (among many other anecdotes): ‘”Rolling Stone” co-founder Jann Wenner agreed that I was crazier than Hunter. Oh Dear’

“Best Of” Issue | one small seed magazine / issue 29 / digital 04

The best of our 10 years in independent publishing has been curated in this epic edition… Welcome to one small seed magazine / issue 29 / digital 04. Going through the pages of 25 print magazines and our three digital issues to select the content has left us smiling, laughing, lingering and certainly remembering–and we have...