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Swirling, Naked…. Angelo Musco’s Haunting ‘Bodyscapes’

Italian-bornĀ Angelo Musco has a life journey as unique as his art; this guy is no average Joe. From birth he weighed in at a whopping 6.5 kilos after 11 months in the womb. Causing great complications during birth, Musco became trapped and turned blue and in a critical state he was rushed to hospital, leaving...

Spotted Naked Women in New York

33-year-old body artist Trina Merry has been busy turning tricks and a whole lotta heads in NYC. Ms Merry has been meticulously painting women so that they’ll blend in with New York landmarks, from the Guggenheim Museum and Brooklyn Bridge to the towering grey Manhattan skyline. Her lengthy creative process is one that requires both...

Ever seen a body look like this!?

Body Painting – one of the most original types of art that was used mostly in traditional rituals/ceremonies – is now increasingly being considered and revered as a contemporary art form. Verging on the unbelievable, here are the striking and surreal images from German Body Artist, Gesine Marwedel.

Painting Austria: Highlights from the 15th World Bodypainting Festival

Body art takes on a new level in the 15th annual World Bodypainting Festival held in Austria. The week-long festival functions as the Academy Awards of body paint. Hundreds of artists from around the world gathered to strut their stuff with intricate and colourful designs. Artists competed for the world title in five categories and...