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3D animation that must be seen!

Editor-in-chief Giuseppe Russo interviewed one of the directors from Polynoid, a design studio in Germany. created the insane 3D animation titled 'Loom'... watch it and find out the inside scoop on what it took to create the epic animation. Featured in our 'Best Of' Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA.

Q&A | Blitz The Ambassador: The Voice of Afrohop

Hip-hop artist Blitz ‘The Ambassador’s’ musical journey led him under the shadow of Lady Liberty to New York a decade ago. He was imbued with the sounds of afrobeat and the highlife music indigenous to his native Ghana, and inspired by the brazen voices of ’90s afrocentric rap. Since then he has garnered respect with...

Cult of Self Magazine: Inked Cover Contest

Is your ink cover material? Cult of Self – an initiative between one small seed and Levi’s® – is searching for a standout person that leaves an impression on others. Issue 05 of Cult of Self Magazine gives you all you need to know to win…

First Seeds For First Times

Every action is creative and every passionate action is art – Matthew Stone (I.D. Magazine) So, for every passionate action there should be a passionate reaction, right? From planting a seed to forming a movement, here’s a look back at first thoughts on one small seed, first encounters with the magazine and some first ‘creative...
Akif Hakan Celebi: Living Anime

Akif Hakan Celebi: Living Anime

Digital photography has allowed us all to become self-proclaimed photographers. Except, the majority of our images never seem to have that lingering presence that makes an image memorable.  


one small seed network member Janine Kuschke Van Der Tuin, a photographer from Cape town created an astonishing series of images titled Flesh & Soul, where nudity, movement and lightning are central themes. Janine was also one of the winners in the last Selective Creatives competition in issue 23 – “Cult of Self” - along...