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Rising Up to sit down for a Q&A with OBEY

While a growing number of individuals – laughing, jamming, conversing and feeling the funk on the streets of Braamfontein, Jozi – gazed up at Shepard Fairey’s forming mural of Mandela, one small seed was gearing up for up our talk with the American contemporary street artist/illustrator/activist. Watch our video interview with the face and force...

Calling Mr Brainwash

From his California home, LA street artist Mr Brainwash – born in Paris under the name Thierry Guetta – gave one small seed an exclusive phone interview. Originally published in issue 24 and now featured in our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA.

Inspiring Street Art That’ll Awaken Your Creative Senses!

Here’s some amazing street art we found on the net to stimulate your creative brain cells. These street artists have successfully combined real-life features to create a piece of art that ‘lives’ because it involves its surroundings and beholders.

If These Walls Could Talk

Ever wondered, ‘What if graffiti could move?’ Daniel Silva’s short video Mosteiro de Santa Clara answers that question as walls and rooms come to life with exuberant colours moving in elegant smoke patterns. (Length: 01:56)

Reflections of Reunion | Part 1 | Electropicales 2013

Now in its fifth year, Reunion’s Electropicales Music and Arts Festival is a catalyst for bringing the sometimes disparate worlds of art and music together. Four days, four different venues, a cultural mix of people and a unique opportunity to explore this tropic beauty.

Passionate Art: interview with Anwar Davids

Artist Anwar Davids is on a mission: to help free minds and allow humanity to think for themselves. With talent as diverse as his personal and professional background and a fierce passion for expression, Davids is achieving his goal with participation in live art, exhibits and featured art for Supremebeing™ clothing. Growing up on the...
WATCH: one small seed magazine's issue 25 preview

WATCH: one small seed magazine’s issue 25 preview

one small seed magazine issue 25 – “The Bigger Picture” – out now! Check out our content preview and keep posted to for full interviews, videos and much more coming this week… Length 02:18 one small seed’s 25th issue Content Preview from one small seed on Vimeo.


Our second instalment of Album of the Week features a vibrant collection of street art shots by our network member Rene Bohnen. The series is simply titled Graffiti. We hope you enjoy it. To see more of Rene’s work, go to her profile page.

FlashBack | Miss Van la Révolution feminine | issue8

Miss Van has become one of the most iconic artists of our generation. Beyond making a name for herself in the otherwise male-dominated culture of graffiti, her work has made a transcendental shift from gritty streets to pristine gallery walls. Bijou de Beau crosses the street to visit the gallery and find out more. Beholders...