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Miley Cyrus Just Can’t Keep Her Clothes On

Quentin Jones shoots a highly suggestive video of Miley Cyrus. Some have deemed it porn, some say it’s ‘artistic’. What do you think? Tweet us at @onesmallseedSA or leave a comment below!

Diverse is Sexy: Pharrell Williams’ New Release ‘Marilyn Monroe’

‘I just want a different girl… Girl, girl, girl, girl’ goes the new song by Pharrell Williams — the master of catchiness himself. Inspired by famous females in history, the video features lots of diversely sexy booty to honour the different women of the world. It’s directed by Luis Cervero and features appearances by Kelly...

Little Dragon Release New Track ‘Paris’

After releasing ‘Klap Klap’ earlier in 2014, Little Dragon have now shared a second track called ‘Paris’ off their upcoming fourth album Nabuma Rubberband out on 12 May in the UK and 13 May in the US. The beat-y track is fit for the club and Yukimi Nagano’s melody-mastering voice is, of course, as dazzling...

New Release: The Pixies | ‘Greens and Blues’

Seemingly taking a break from loud-quiet-loud, The Pixies’ new track ‘Greens and Blues’ is a mellow track more suitable to unwind to on the couch than in the mosh pit. The nostalgic fan might get teary eyed remembering Black Francis screaming ‘then god is seeeveeen’ or ‘debaseeeer’ and call the track bland, but as a...