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Between Music and Painting | Brian Eno | 77 Million Paintings

Praised as one of the pioneers of ambient music, Brian Eno is an unshakeable legacy within the music industry. With musician, composer, record producer, and singer tacked to his name, Eno is showing his true skills as a multitalented elite with a kaleidoscopic audiovisual installation. First released as a software and DVD set in 2006...
#bottomrightcorner - February, Week 03

#bottomrightcorner – February, Week 03

Some new, some a little older but still worth sharing. This is week three of #bottomrightcorner. Don’t forget to send us your beats ( so we can put it up on the bottom right corner on next week. Have a good one kids. #welikeitlouder
Red Bull - Maximum Signal Control

Red Bull – Maximum Signal Control

In much the same way Da Vinci’s inventions were ahead of their time, Red Bull is creating a sound system so advanced it makes current sound rigs look like tapedecks. The┬áRed Bull Music Academy World Tour kicks off in Cape Town with a three day event that we don’t want you to miss. Read on...