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#FlashBack | South Beach Photo-shoot | Issue17

Photography: Stylists: Cally Palmer @ Max Models Make-up: Sandy Seale @ Six Love Photographers Assistants: Albert Brun & Jade Van Der Spuy Production, concept & Art direction: Lauren Livsey @ Rock paper Scissors-Theory Models: Bryce @ Ice Models, Celeste @ Ice Models & Nugget Read the rest of issue 17: Open publication – Free...
South Beach Fashion Shoot

South Beach Fashion Shoot

Issue 17 of one small seed – “The Wild Issue” dec/jan/feb 2009 – turned up the sun on its first fashion spread. Shot on location on the Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town, the blue skies and sweltering sun set the perfect mood for our slightly off-centre swimwear shoot. Length 05:10 (October 2009) South Beach...