Records exist to be broken and documented. In 2001 PJ Harvey took the Barclaycard Mercury Prize and now breaking the record for being the first and only artist to win it a second time a decade later on 6 September 2011.

The night of PJ Harvey’s first win was of course overshadowed by the events of that September 11th 2001 day. When she got her second chance, a first time event for any artist to win the Barclaycard Mercury twice, she had some inspiring words to say referencing her first win.

It’s nice to actually be here. I was in in Washington DC watching The Pentagon burning from my hotel window, so it’s good to be here. So much has happened since then. This album took me a long time write. It was very important to me, I wanted to make something that was meaningful not just for myself but for other people, hopefully to make something that would last.

She was also the first to perform at the event on the same night the performer would go on to win it, beating out Adele who was also meant to perform but had to duck out for health issues. Harvey accepted the £20,000 cash prize with a decisive speech and graceful presence. “First of all I’d like to say thank you very much for this award, and the recognition of my work on this album,” she said. Harvey went on to thank “the people that have supported her throughout her career,” her manager, her record company Island, agents and “those who helped me make ‘Let England Shake.'”