Savanna used their affinity with lemons and lemon trees to promote the annual Arbour Day initiative and encouraged their fans to plant and grow trees. How? By giving away lemon trees in-store, of course! Keep reading to find out about the on-going online competition which involves tree-hugging TwitPics and live lemon-suited tree planters!

Win a Lifetime Supply of Lemon Wedges with Savanna! Find out how by following the post to the bottom.

It was international Arbour Day on 3 September and to show support for this great eco-initiative, Savanna gave away lemon trees to fans who purchased a 2 cases of this much-loved South African cider.

Arbour Day may be over… but the chances to win are not! The online competition is running for the duration of Arbour Week, so those who couldn’t make it in-store can still stand to win a lifetime supply of lemons from their very own lemon tree.

The best thing about it? The tree will be delivered and planted by a larger than life Savanna lemon who will also treat the winner to a case of super chilled Savanna and a gardening kit. This means the next time the big and little hand align to strike Savanna o’clock, they can be assured that they’ll never run out of their beloved wedges.

A Tree-rific Match

Abour Day gave Savanna the ideal opportunity to speak to their existing enthusiastic fans to promote this annual initiative and spread the love for trees and our environment.

How Do You Enter Online?

• Check out the details on Facebook
• Make sure you follow @SavannaCider on Twitter
• Tweet a picture of you hugging a tree (or even just a lemon) using the hashtag #SavannaLemonTree

So… If you’re a nature lovin’, Savanna drinkin’ eco-aware kinda person… Branch out and start tweeting!