The Fashion Movie Project is a collaboration between 10and5 and the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design. The idea was simple: get young Cape Town-based photographers to team up with a styling team from Elizabeth Galloway as well as a local fashion label. The aim? To make a short fashion video with a Canon 7D.

After months of hard work, the videos were screened to the public for the first time on the 26 November at The Waiting Room, Cape Town. It was Max Mogale who came out top with his video Street Warrior, which featured clothing from 2BOP.

There were some other incredible entries, such as the video for Talitha Bell’s fashion label, ANKHA. Titled Sister Savage, the film was shot by Caroline Mackintosh, edited by Andrew M McNally, styled by Zane De Villiers, with post production by Wesley Albertse.

We did an interview with Talitha a few weeks ago, here’s a short extract below.

What’s the signature material you like to work with?
Bell: Faux fur, velvet, faux leather, chiffon and lace.

How do you find the fashion scene in Cape Town and what do you predict for the future with Cape Town being World Design capital in 2014?
Bell: The fashion scene in Cape Town is predominantly boring. There are only a handful of people doing really original stuff. The rest are just following last season’s trends from Europe. And there is a sort of cult-ey zombie mainstream yuppie thing happening which has perpetuated those horrific golf shirts. Vomit!

Can you tell me about the fashion film you were involved in?
Bell: I was selected by between 10 and 5 along with local photographer Caroline Mackintosh and a 3rd year Elizabeth Galloway student to create a fashion video for a competition, which is still to be exhibited, judged and awarded later this year. It was so much fun. I used a song from one of my favourite bands White Ring. That’s all I can say.

Are there any future projects you can fill us in on?
Bell: Cape Town is full of amazing photographers at the moment so I’m working on collaborations with Janine Kuschke, Roger Young and a few others. I like to see my garments through other people’s perceptions. I would also like to do another film. And hand colour my own images in a darkroom.

Read the full of the interview, HERE

still from ANKHA - "Sister Savage"

still from ANKHA - "Sister Savage"

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