This week’s Album of the Week is titled Days Like None Before and is by member Sven Kristian.  Join today and have your own work featured.


Sven Kristian on Days Like None Before:

‘Over the last few months of 2012, the concept of a ‘post-modern apocalypse’ really started appealing to me. What if it were true? If we survived, how would we live? Where would we live? It got me thinking about a potential series.

In Days Like None Before, the focus is drawn on the characters filling long and forgotten dystopian spaces. The subjects are a staged element introduced into an environment that has not been staged. The environment is true and truly existent, yet truly forgotten.

The subjects signify signs of life, but with that, desperation and mourning, whereas the landscapes that they fill, signifies death, loneliness and melancholy. In a post-modern apocalyptic world with no repairable future in sight, does the mourning and grief ever subside or does the subject fall into the darkness of melancholia?

The subjects fill the landscapes wearing their gas masks in an attempt to continue living within a world that has long collapsed and been left contaminated by the apocalyptic events that occurred prior. Their every pose is their attempt to still be part of something that was once routine but is now only left but a dream within a nightmare.

I want to bring together that feeling of the familiar with that of the uncanny, I want to evoke the questionability and fears over what our futures and that of those to follow may hold, as at the same time to create an unsettling and perhaps melancholic aesthetic that will draw the viewer in and hold their gaze in question and deep curiosity.’