At the end of each week, we add four more images from to the relevant month’s gallery collection on All images are the featured works of members of one small seed network, our creative online community. To have your work featured here, simply sign up as a member and start uploading!

Enjoy our selection for April!


Week 04

'Tavia' by Rico Quintas

‘Tavia’ by Rico Quintas

'Andi' by Sven Kristian

‘Andi’ by Sven Kristian

'A Forest Adventure' by Logan Lopata

‘A Forest Adventure’ by Logan Lopata

'Fog over Cape Town' by Laura McCullagh

‘Fog over Cape Town’ by Laura McCullagh

Week 03

'Robert Glasper and the Experiment' by Desireé-Moila

‘Robert Glasper and the Experiment’ by Desireé-Moila

'Saved' by Tshego Waisi

‘Saved’ by Tshego Waisi

'Black Cake' by Jessica Solomon

‘Black Cake’ by Jessica Solomon

'Chantal' Ryan Roake

‘Chantal’ Ryan Roake

Week 02

'Cloudy Days' by Tshego Waisi

‘Cloudy Days’ by Tshego Waisi

'California Dreaming' by Ashleigh Wainstein

‘California Dreaming’ by Ashleigh Wainstein

'Isibaya' by ZeroDarkstar

‘Isibaya’ by ZeroDarkstar

'In Orchards' by Ilse Moore

‘In Orchids’ by Ilse Moore

Week 01

'Lucid Nightmare' by Janine Kuschke Van Der Tuin

‘Lucid Nightmare’ by Janine Kuschke Van Der Tuin

'Band Tourism' by YasMoosa

‘Band Tourism’ by YasMoosa

'Reality' by Elani Jacobs

‘Reality’ by Elani Jacobs

untitled by Daniel van Flymen

untitled by Daniel van Flymen