Encounters South African International Documentary Festival will be a prominent not-to-miss event for South African’s this winter, with screenings taking place from June 6-16 in Cape Town and Joburg. 23 films will be featured in what will be the festival’s 15th year of exposing both global and local filmmaking talent.

Image: capetownmagazine.com

The documentaries delve deep into controversial topics, from terrorism in the Middle East to male Circumcision in South Africa. In response to violent crimes against women in South Africa, the festival is presenting Filmmakers Against Women’s Abuse which will consist of ten short documentaries chosen by the Documentary Filmmakers Association. The DFA hopes to bring these three-minute films to the community and bring much-needed awareness to the issue. Oscar nominated films The Gatekeepers and How to Survive a Plague will highlight the festival along with 11 other films in the international division. South African director Aryan Kaganof’s film An Inconsolable Memory is already creating a buzz around his film’s look into the evolution of Cape Town’s District Six.

The Devil’s Lair will kick off Cape Town’s festival Thursday, 6 June at 19h00 offering viewers candid insight into the challenges that one man faces daily in his life as a drug dealer who is trying to make it out of poverty. Joburg will open their festival Friday, 7 June at 19h00. with Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a PIMP, an exploration of the birthplace of rap in America following the end of the Civil Rights movement.
Take a peek at trailers below to see what else will be showcased at Encounters:
From Israel: Dror Moreh’s The Gatekeepers

From USA: David France’s How to Survive a Plague

From South Africa: Riaan Hendricks’ The Devil’s Lair

From Switzerland: Barabara Miller’s Forbidden Voices

From USA: Laura Greenfield’s Queen of Versailles

From South Africa: Dylan Valley’s Incarcerated Knowledge


images: filmcontact.com