The South Beach Fashion Shoot from Issue 17 brings heat to our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA. It isn’t often one is able to have such a renowned model, Bryce Thompson, on set. And a big-ups to all (on and off set) that were there for doing a stellar job and surviving what must have been one of the hottest days in Cape Town! Editor-in-chief Giuseppe Russo remembers a towel had even melted into the tar. Summertime ingredients for one bitchin’ shoot.


Click Expand for the behind-the-scenes fashion video and shoot


Stylists: Cally Palmer @ Max Models
Make-up: Sandy Seale @ Six Love
Photographers Assistants: Albert Brun & Jade Van Der Spuy
Production, concept & Art direction: Lauren Livsey @ Rock paper Scissors-Theory
Models: Bryce @ Ice Models, Celeste @ Ice Models & Nugget