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All the colours of the… Apple gay pride video!

A brand that continues to broaden the spectrum of ‘thinking design’, Apple has stood by their unwavering commitment to equality and diversity by making a stunning video showing their support in gay pride. (Length: 02.09)

Who Hates Hipsters?

It might be difficult to come to terms with, but society is turning on the hipster. The province of British Columbia created billboards in 2012 — to the disdain of many students — to encourage youth to stop being hipsters and get a job. And, more recently, South African brewers Garagista have sent out a...

Humans in Full Body Rubber for Japanese Condom Advert

‘As the air is sucked out, I start feeling his temperature, his sweat,’ explains one of the female models who was ‘packed together’ with her partner for Condomania’s new condom advert shot by documentary photographer Hal. Although it aims to encourage safe sex and eternal devotion through advising ‘Preserve the love. Wear a condom,’ the...
The Zimbabwean's Voiceless Campaign

The Zimbabwean’s Voiceless Campaign

Just under a year ago we featured the wonderful ad campaign for The Zimbabwean by TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg, a campaign that highlighted the worth of the Zimbabwean dollar bill by using it to create actual billboards, posters and other outdoor advertising, as a meme representative of Zimbabwe’s plummeting socio-economic circumstances. This year, the same...
Design Is A Good Idea

Design Is A Good Idea

According to their Facebook page, Design is a good idea “is an international design resource, which also operates as a graphic/interior/product design studio and showroom based in Johannesburg.” I caught up with Bruce Cowie – the ‘Evangelist at Design is a good idea’ – about the company, himself and all other things design. Check it...