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Roger Ballen: much more than Die Antwoord’s inspiration

Meeting New York-born, South African-based photographer Roger Ballen was a surreal and humbling experience. His brazen creativity, technique and ability to ‘see’ some one/something in a way you or I might not… A true genius with such a rare and beautiful insight into the human soul and mind. Watch our short doccie and Q&A with...

Yes, these paintings actually breathe…

It’s really hard trying to figure out what makes Alexa Meade’s paintings literally alive! There are no telltale signs in the actual paintings, until you see how the artworks are created.

We Hope You Bought it! Thumbs up Cassper Nyovest.

Cassper Nyovest, South African recording artist and producer, released the official music video for ‘I Hope You Bought it’ from his debut album Tsholofelo in December 2014. It has, so far, received 77,008 views on Youtube and 1,238 thumbs up! The video shows the process of airbrushing the Tsholofelo album cover, to show that: Although...

All it takes is one small seed… AFDA Awards SA’s future entertainment industry leaders…

At one small seed we believe in celebrating emerging creatives, and watching their seeds grow! This is why the 2014 AFDA Awards Ceremony in Cape Town, on the 27th November, peaked our interest. AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) has ‘produced some of the top film-makers and actors in...

Interpret Durban 4 leaves eThekwini in smiles

Interpret Durban is an arts and culture event in Durban South Africa. On the 31 August, Durban’s stunning 103-year-old City Hall welcomed the fourth edition of the festival, with a theme ‘The Concrete Circus Edition’.

Pritzker Conceptual, Toyo Ito

Seeking to concurrently direct the physical and virtual worlds within his work, Toyo Ito has always been at the forefront of architectural development. Just awarded the Pritzker Award, Ito once again assures and restores the urge to push the bridges of architecture. The Seoul-born mastermind relocated with his family to Tokyo at age two, and...
The Frown for Rayne // Bride Of Zion

The Frown for Rayne // Bride Of Zion

We catch up with Jessica Lupton and Jessica Rayne – the stylist’s behind the fashion film The Frown for Rayne // Bride Of Zion. Simply put, the concept behind the song is about a girl casting a spell to make a boy fall in love with her. With a powerful array of visuals that seem...
Buddy Chellan on What he's Wearing

Buddy Chellan on What he’s Wearing

Buddy’s interest in BMX was triggered at a very young age.  His first BMX came along when he was about 13 years old, and it too served merely as a means of transportation. Through riding his bike, Buddy started meeting other riders, and heading on out for those long road pedaling trips. He started absorbing...
French street artist JR receives TED Prize for 2011

French street artist JR receives TED Prize for 2011

On the 20 October 2010 Parisian street artist – known only by his initials JR – was awarded the prestigious annual TED Prize. Past winners include mainstream icons like Jamie Oliver, Bill Clinton and Bono, and like those before him, 2011’s seemingly unconventional winner received $100 000, and on a much – metaphorically speaking –...


Initiated by Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler in early 2010, Bicycle Portraits is an aesthetic dialogue about contemporary South African bicycle consumer culture. Always on the lookout for fellow commuters, Stan and Nic are two creatives who are on a voyage of discovering the dynamics behind the simple act of two-wheel riding.


Joburg has certainly reinvented itself with the rejuvenation of the historically vibrant areas surrounding the city centre. The revamp of Bioscope Theatre is the latest surge of colour brightening the streets of Maboneng Precinct on the ground floor of Main Street Life.


Photorealistic sculptures are those which show life and nature as it really is. Artists who achieve such highly detailed works are known as hyperrealists. Six such artists are Ron Mueck, Evan Penny, Jamie Salmon, Duane Hanson, Sam Jinks and Adam Beane.        
Shiny, Happy, People... The people of Joburg

Shiny, Happy, People… The people of Joburg

Not often do you meet a person who emits an energy that continues to resonate through you. Well Spoek Mathambo is that guy. An Ndebele Prince, a DJ, graphic artist and recently Mshini Wam – Spoek transcends all those petty nationalisms. Berlin. Germany. Miami. New York. He travels the world, making friends and breaking stereotypes, breeding...