Buddy’s interest in BMX was triggered at a very young age.  His first BMX came along when he was about 13 years old, and it too served merely as a means of transportation. Through riding his bike, Buddy started meeting other riders, and heading on out for those long road pedaling trips. He started absorbing what was going on around him, and that’s when it all started for the young Capetonian. Now he is not only a BMX king, but a fashion  designer as well.



Who is Buddy Chellan, how do you define yourself in the world?

I’m a boy that had a dream, and just began to follow it.


What’s the one thing your friends and family say about you that’s not true?

Everyone seems to thinks that I’m always a happy, with no negative vibes. It’s very untrue. These are just people that are in my good books

Tell us something about yourself that hasn’t been published before and that you think is worth knowing.

I am a big animal lover – especially cats. I had five and now I am down to three.


Name 3 things you can’t live without.

Earphones, tooth brush and a destination to travel to.


You’re a professional BMX rider who started his own fashion label, how do you find balance in the two extremes?

It just works out. I try to prioritise my time when it comes to designing, especially when that’s what needs to get done. When I need to ride then I focus on that. Ultimately, when I’m out riding I get to see fashion styles as well, so technically I’m working all the time.

Is it important for you to be fashionable when out riding?

No, but it is important to be comfortable.


Have you always been interested in Fashion?

Yes, I had two strong female influences in my life, my mother and older sister. This definitely made me more fashion conscious.

How did the Dufraś – Buddy Chellan collaboration start out?

When I first had the idea for the label, it was very difficult to find suitable skinny jeans that weren’t only made for women. It was at that point that I decided to put my own design together. I approached my mother and we worked out something that suited me comfortably and was of great quality. It is now a part of the Dufraś label. I had a lot of ideas, and at the time, was lucky enough to have met people that listened to me and were very interested in what I had to say.


What are the criteria for the garments you’re designing?

It should be a slim fit skinny jean for males that can be worn formally, in a chilled environment, for skating, riding, or whatever sport. It’s a jean for every occasion.

What’s more important in your garments, quality or look and feel?

I would say quality above the look, but maybe that’s more of a personal preference. The feel is essential as well. Ultimately all three are important and that’s what I try to showcase in my designs.


A portion of each sale will go towards charity. What charity have you decided on and why?

I haven’t decided on a specific charity yet, it’s so difficult because there are so many people in need. I do plan on donating something, not necessarily money, but something that will improve underprivileged lives


What are your plans for the future?

To accomplish whatever is on my bucket list and to stop procrastinating. Live happily and spread positive vibes. Wish myself good luck for whatever hurdles comes my way.

What do you hope to achieve with your label?

I would like to make garments that people like and are into. To create and design items that is outside the bubble. To try new things and to learn through experimentation.


What is the worst thing that you’ve ever done and gotten away with?

I used to go shopping with my mother and I would eat everything I wanted, but I would hide the wrappers so that we didn’t have to pay for it. Eventually my mother realized what I was doing and started paying for the empty wrappers. If she didn’t, I would have eaten for free everywhere I went.