First recognised as the benchmark of an ideal childhood, whether it was real or a Hollywood construction, the lucky kids always had a treetop getaway in their backyard. It then became the muse of the musician and movie star, where we’d hear of conflicted creative’s shutting themselves in secluded cabin locations to heal their wounds before resurfacing to the world refreshed; masterpiece in tact.





Well, now is the age for anyone who wasn’t included in the cast of ‘Stand by Me’ (1986) or ‘The Little Rascals’(1994) to take sanctuary in a glorious haven where the modern world meets the natural. Situated in lush, mystical forests, these treehouses are far removed from the draining city’s chaos, I can’t imagine anything better for your soul than to wake upon a balcony suspended by branches to a view of tall trees piecing the morning mist and dreamy landscapes.

Baumraum Treehouse, Plendelhof Stables: Germany


Green Magic Nature Resort, Kerala: India


Don’t be deterred… it’s not as if these homes are taken out of the doggy-eared leaves of a hippy’s book. Many are designed by some of the most serious players in architectures around the world, and it’s going to take more than a few homegrown peanuts to nestle yourself between these branches. Just take the iconic location of the ‘80s film, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, situated in Illinois and going for a swanky $1.65 million.

‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ home, Highland Park: Illinos
Just think what all that fresh air can do! And if you can’t quite imagine yourself severed from your cellphone implants, or find you simply cannot go on without cues on alien religion by Tom Cruise, you could always choose a more temporary retreat such as a week or two in one of the treetop communities in Laos, Southeast Asia. It’s known as the ‘Gibbon Experience’ where you, like a Gibbon, will be swinging around the jungle via ‘foffy slides’ and munching natural foods, all the while having a positive effect on the ecosystem.


Besides the bliss of treetop living, most of the houses are made out of organic materials and are self-sustainable. Much of the interior is kept to a minimalist style, not detracting from the forests’ natural wonder. Tickle your fancy? Go check out Pete Nolan’s beautiful compilation called ‘New Treehouses of the World’ (2009).


Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Treehouse, Sebastopol forest: California