The best things come in threes, three act structure, three scoops of ice cream, three wise men and of course the three drops of PUMA’s collaboration with revered pioneers of street fashion, Undefeated. But what’s better than three, well I would imagine the promise of more to come.

Frazier is welcomed home a hero after a decade

When approaching a powerful chemical combination, one needs to be careful to not only get the balance right for fear of an explosion/meltdown, but also know what base is best to create the desired result. In the same vein PUMA have chosen it’s chemical base, the seminal Clyde; the perfect foundation on which to build a revolution. The history of the Clyde began with the man, Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier who took the New York Knicks to their only two league wins in 1970 & 1973. Earning the nickname ‘Clyde’ from donning a hat similar to Warren Beatty (who played Clyde Barrow) in Bonnie and Clyde, it seems fitting that the nickname this seven-time allstar earned was fashion centric considering his flamboyant off-court style which included showing up for games in a Rolls Royce and full length fur coats. Walt Frazier was the perfect combination of effective performance married with exquisite style. This essence of the man was concentrated into the first ever signature shoe, made by PUMA custom fitted to the man that would define swank. The Clydes have since become entangled in many histories from basketball, to hip hop to the skate culture and continue to remain popular even three decades into their production.

Co-Founder Eddie Cruz with Pharrell Williams

Undefeated is more than a store, it’s more than a brand, it’s more than an idea, Undefeated is a full-fledged institution and philosophy. Established a decade ago as a symbol of defiance in the face of fear, Undefeated produces lauded urban garments and street smart kicks which have become synonymous with respect, virtue and quality. Co-founders Eddie Cruz and James Bond are in their own right pioneers, but together they are the perfect mix of business savvy and street style. The filtering down of the brand from two legends into a collaboration of two mythic brands that stand shoulders above the rest only means that this combination is going to effectively blow up worldwide and continue to produce greatness.

The Strip-Off Clydes

The first drop of the collaboration between PUMA and Undefeated, dubbed the PUMA x UNDFTD collection, took a classic approach in a product branded ‘Stripe Off’ as the signature PUMA Formstripe was removed to give it a minimalist and classic look. With the Stripe-Off Clydes the signature gold-foil was moved to the heel and the tongue tag replaced with a debossed Undefeated logo. The classic PUMA FOT moved to the inside collar liner and was replaced with the Strike – the signature mark for the Undefeated PUMA Collection. The reception was incredibly positive proving the partnership effective and giving promise of a longtime collaborative effort.

The Cali-Canvas Clydes

The second drop in the PUMA x UNDFTD collection saw the return of the PUMA Formstripe  and presented itself this time in four canvas color-ways, blue, white, black and canvas beige. Dubbed the Cali Canvas Clydes, the entire upper took on canvas with the Undefeated logo featured on the tongue tag. The consistency of  the quality that has come out of the PUMA x UNDFTD collection thus far has only proven that the next drop is sure to be the most anticipated so far.

The Nylon-Rip Clydes

The third drop saw the product being kept under strict lock and key; seriously harder to break than Fort Knox. This was fitting seeing as the inspiration for The Nylon Rip Clydes happened to be the surge of military themed fashion hitting the streets. The Rip Stop material saw this becoming the most durable pair of shoes you could invest in without mentioning the evergreen classical style that has stood the test of time. Aside from the pearl white, the NRCs come in the darker military colours olive, navy and black. On top of that, the NRCs are complimented by a waterproof jacket further insure nothing short of an airstrike can take out your shoes.

The PUMA x UNDFTD collection is only really kicking off now, finding its feet and already the response has been enthusiastic with each drop building more excitement than the last. Two more drops are about to bombard us with high style and the product is in a league of its own with the quality speaking for itself. The partnership between PUMA and Undefeated will continue to push forward with each drop striving to do something completely new while still keeping the Clyde’s vintage style.