Some refer to WeSC as the ‘clothing label for the intellectual slacker,’ which conjures up nostalgia of that Jason Lee – Mallrats/Chasing Amy era. We are the Superlative Conspiracy is a street fashion brand based in Sweden.

In 2011 the brand collaborated with Wutang’s RZA to bring out Chambers, a range of headphones that was featured in Issue 23 of one small seed and will be hitting SA stores soon. Following Chambers, January 2012 saw the release The Superlative Conspiracy Issue No.1: Fall/Winter 2011, a popular culture street-style publication filled with some epic interviews and features; from ODB to Jason Lee, from fashion to photography.
We caught up with the guys from WeSC.
The Superlative Conspiracy Issue No.1 has recently appeared in select stores in Cape Town. Will this be a regular sighting?

Yes, the No.1 is now out – finally – and the No2 is in the making and will be released in early spring 2012! It looks as if the Superlative Conspiracy No.’s will be published 4 times per year – we have stories to tell and hope to be able to present them to you as often as possible.


WeSC the No.1, give it to me in a sentence

The No. 1 is a collection of some of the best things from the Superlative Conspiracy – the people, the ideas, creativity and stories!


What set fire to this project? Who was the team that worked on it?

Many years ago, WeSC did a magazine that came out three times – then something happened and we now figured it was time to gather the troops and do it again! There’s so much creativity in this world and such a huge amount of things happening all the time that we want to tell people about, in an entertaining and interesting way.


Can people contribute – writers/designers/photographers?



Where can we pick up the mag in Cape Town?

astore, Baseline, Bonafide, Shelflife, Suntrax and selected coffee shops.


Seems like things just keep on happening for WeSC

We never stop, that’s the thing. With a lot of people contributing to the brand and being a part of our world, the year 2012 looks like it’ll be as interesting as you imagine it to be. We’re releasing the Superlative Journey together with smart (a collaboration including a headphone and a car), collaboration with Eley Kishimoto, the collections, continue to work with the WeSC x RZA: Chambers by RZA and a lot more.


Thanks very much! And from publication to publication, here’s to keeping print alive!

At the end of 2011, WeSC and RZA celebrated the launch of the Chambers by RZA at Trousdale LA. With the Chambers by RZA on display, a performance by Talib Kweli, DJ set by Paul Banks, the night hosted by Mike Epps and WeActivists The Lady Tigra, Eddie House of Steed Lord and Pase Rock spinning the night was, to put it frankly, fucking awesome (WeSC)


Interview by Sarah Claire Picton
Filmed & Edited by: Danozone
Photos by: Justin Jay