one small seed TV and Jameson Irish Whiskey bring local and international pop culture to life with online entertainment that hits you like a chair in the face. It features interviews, documentaries, party clips, film trailers, news, views and behind-the-scene looks at fashion, design, photography and music. So head to for television with a bit of edge and a lot of attitude. Here are some of the most gripping videos on


Influencers (Length: 13:56)

Written and directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, this short documentary explores what it means to be influential and traces the path of trends as they trickle down from opinion shapers into pop culture. With Polaroid snapshots of New York and interviews with the top influencers in New York, this film questions the origin and spread of influence.


Staple (Length: 06:33)

This interview with founder and creative director of Staple Design, Jeff Staple, takes a look at the origins of the New York design studio in 1997. It’s an insightful look at Staple’s design philosophy and inspiration, from the streets of the Lower East Side to mix tapes and streetwear. The interview also takes a look at the processes behind Reed Space, one of the best boutiques in New York, and how it was founded by Jeff Staple quite by accident.


Earth Time-Lapse View from Space (Length: 17:00)

These photographs, taken in a time-lapse view from the international Space Station, explore serene and tranquil views of Earth from outer space. City lights shine through the atmosphere and make the blinking map look alive. The photographs were taken between August and October 2011, and use a special low light 4K camera.


Press Pause Play (Length: 10:54)

Press Pause Play asks whether democratised culture means better art, film and literature or the flooding of mass culture by the digital ocean. Accompanied by an interview with Moby, this is a provocative interrogation of the role of technology in empowering or stifling today’s artists.


Morpho Towers: Two Standing Spirals (Length: 02:40)

Two Standing Spirals is includes twin Ferrofluid sculptures moving synthetically to music. As the sound ebbs and flows, the iron spirals grow rows of spikes radiating upwards. The installation is a sensory marriage to technology and beauty is inescapable as the towers’ pulsate and uneven rhythms ripple across their dense surfaces.


Berlin die Sinfonie der Grobstadt (Length: 09:48)

Shot in black and white, this silent film was made in Berlin in 1927 by Walter Ruttmann. The soundless images are reminiscent of the Kino-Eye film style as they cut quickly back and forth, seemingly disjointed until the train pans past the camera. A sleeping Berlin is unmasked and slowly begins its daily routine. Berlin takes the audience back to a time in film history before colour and sound could distract the senses.


Imaginary Landscapes (Length: 40:00)

This four-part documentary on Brian Eno showcases the patron saint of ambient music with in-depth interviews and a close look at his music and life. Imaginary Landscapes peeks into the inspiration behind his imaginary landscapes of images and music is a 40-minute exploration of a modern artist at the cutting edge of the ambient music scene. It was made in 1989 and directed by Duncan Ward and Gabriella Cardazzo.

Roxy Music with Brian Eno, Andy Mackay, Bryan Ferry, Paul Thompson, Phil Manzanera

Roxy Music with Brian Eno, Andy Mackay, Bryan Ferry, Paul Thompson, Phil Manzanera



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