Tyron Kuypers, aka DJ Bruce Willis??, discusses the evolution of the electronic music scene in Cape Town. Since founding the popular Arcade event with Danna Gordon in 2006 to showcase a new electro music genre they were introduced to via the internet and from other musicians returning from overseas travels, Tyron’s style has come full circle back to his drum ‘n bass roots.

Since the bittersweet conclusion of the Arcade brand in 2010, which during its three year reign celebrated the marriage of electro with drum ‘n bass and focused on the party as an all-encompassing perceptual experience with ornate decorative themes, Tyron has moved on to some exciting new initiatives. Brick City is a platform he launched in 2009 with Graham Kennedy for up and coming artists to play live sets, and has propelled the careers of many successful Cape Town DJs.

Tyron dubs Cape Town as a creative universal hub, acknowledging tourism growth, the 2014 World Design Capital award, and the rise in social media and marketing as factors that have pushed the scene forward.  When it comes to the rich development of local electronic music, we think Bruce Willis?? has earned himself a fair credit as well.