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On the Brink

This documentary looks at online connectivity around the world. It dips into the memories of prominent people within the industry to highlight the challenges they faced before the public was sold on the notion of technological connectivity. Insightful interviews from Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr; Eric Wahlforss, co-founder of SoundCloud; and Ola Ahlvarsson, CEO of Keynote Media, give us an inside view on connectivity. The documentary also gets their opinions on where the connected world is going. (Length: 20:56)

TILT – Panic Room


A unique piece on the creative power of street art in general and tagging in particular. ‘Panic Room’ began when the Au Vieux Panier hotel asked the graffiti artistTilt to design a room for them. He responded by saying that he wasn’t interested in merely decorating a room but rather in creating something that looked more like an installation piece. Tilt thought about how a specific composition could communicate the notion of chaos and saw the entire room as a massive blank canvas. His approach was to manipulate the empty white part of the room to play up the feeling of chaos in the other. This footage shows him and a friend, a hip-hop singer with an old-school tagging style, working on the room. It took them one week to complete the project. (Length: 07:45)
Petite Noir – ‘Till We Ghosts’

Petite Noir – Till We Ghosts from Petite Noir on Vimeo.

It’s rare for artists to cut through the humdrum of contemporary music. And rarer are artists like Petite Noir who can be different while appealing to a wider audience. They’ve said that they’re trying to pioneer a genre called ‘new wave with a hint of an African Aesthetic feel to it’. It is a chunky mouthful of a label but it accurately sums up their sound. What sets them apart from everything else on the airwaves right now is their distinctly pan-African sound: their rhythm, their guitar melodies and certainly Yannick Ilunga’s voice.

Camcorded – A Fashion Film

Conrad Roselt’s short black and white fashion video is filmed with a camcorder and plays with yours emotions. With the help of volunteers and friends, and set in diverse everyday locations, this is a personal project that Conrad has created for his portfolio. Take two minutes out to watch a sexy and unique take on interactive fashion. (Length 02:18)
All Hail The Beat | Nelson George

All Hail The Beat | Nelson George from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

Even though stores haven’t carried the TR-808 since 1984, this drum machine has earned its place as one of the most iconic instruments in music history. All Hail the Beat sums up the Roland TR-808’s legacy in slightly less than three minutes. The device will be familiar to many music fans as the source of the percussion in Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’. It was also a great creative catalyst within the music business because its cheap price made it affordable to struggling artist around the world.

What’s Your Story? The faces behind ‘Brave’


The music video of ‘BRAVE’ – the latest song from Lark feat. Haezer – is a frantic animated journey into a surreal future. Forest elements and artificial transformation of our robotic impersonators create the fabric of a new and uncharted universe. This is a behind-the-scene exclusive interview with Tevan Baitz, Topher Henny and Wynand Lens, the creators of this anime-inspired music video.

‘This’ Music Video – Modeselektor ft. Thom Yorke

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary are the Berlin electronic dance duo known as Modeselektor. They have been making music together since 1992 and, with the release of three albums, have been an unstoppable force ever since. Their latest album Monkey Town features a long-time fan of theirs: Thom Yorke. This music video for the track ‘This’ features a girl handling a marionette doll in a derelict toy room and is as eerie as it is unpredictable. (Length 04:17)