Life is becoming music. Tama Art University student Jun Fujiwara, has invented a bottle in which sounds are trapped in and then mixed to make novel music. In the spirit of the ‘i’ revolution where iPods, iPads, iTunes and such make an experience as personal as possible, this sound in a bottle takes the concept to a whole new level.



Fujiwara won the Naoki Sakai Prize for the invention and hopes that everyday voices and sounds can be the source of unique and personal music. When corked, the bottle is quiet, when uncorked music starts, and shaken, music is paused. Eliminating the possibility of becoming too repetitive, every time one of these actions occur the beat and order of the music changes. Depending on sounds put in, the music you make could be techno dance or relaxing. From a cat meowing, gum chewing, fingers clicking and more — music has been officially uncorked.