To celebrate 140 years of an American icon, eight SA creatives have taken the Levi’s® 501® out on the town and documented their ventures through photographs showcased on as part of a global campaign called ‘What’s Your Interpretation?’ It is now up to you to vote for who you think interpreted the iconic pair of jeans best.

And, to make it more exciting, we’re giving away two Levi’s® vouchers – one in CPT and one in JHB. In order to win, follow @onesmallseedSA and LevistraussSA on Twitter, and vote for who you want to win by telling us their name in your Tweet with the hashtag #501s, remembering to include the city you live in i.e. #JHB/#CPT. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 30th. You’ll be able to vote once on Twitter and once below in this post. Without further ado, here are the 501® interpretations of Max Mogale, Sergio Ines, Grant Payne, Dan Nash, Marco Riekstins, Roy Potterill, Dylan Muhlenberg and Andrew Berry. They’ve done their job, so now it’s up to you!

IMPORTANT:Take a look at each of the eight interpretations and then scroll to the bottom to cast your vote! You can vote only once, but for two people! So, who are your top two…?



Dylan grew up with a love for words and has worked in the magazine industry for a decade now. After eight years at GQ, he’s realized that health is the new wealth and is now busy at SA’s biggest men’s magazine, Men’s Health.(Read more, here)








Renowned for documenting the Cape Town street scene, Max Mogale’s photographic skills have seen him quickly rise through the ranks of the city’s social documentary crowd. (Read more, here)








Marco Riekstins is a fashion blogger (Man of the Cloth), writer and stylist living in Johannesburg. Built under the premise that any man can live a fashionable existence. (Read more, here)







A long-time fixture of the Joburg creative community, Roy Potterill has always had an eye for opportunity and a talent for making things happen. He is currently the co-founder and creative wizz at Mobile Media Mob.(Read more, here)







Creator and editor of South Africa’s Favourite Second Best Entertainment blog, Bangers & Nash. Online marketing consultant. MFCEO of #WhatUpRibs.







Grant Payne is a 25-year-old South African-based photographer/creator. His roots in photography lie deep in the streets and he’s one of those shoot-first-ask-later kinda’ guys. (Read more, here)







Sergio Ines is a Creative Director at a Cape Town ad agency. When he can, Sergio likes to talk men’s fashion on his blog (Read more, here)







Andrew looks for cool things, mainly South African cool things, but also cool things in general. Then he helps other people see these cool things by putting them on We-are-awesome



PLEASE NOTE: You can vote ONLY once here (for your top two interpretations!), but you can also vote via Twitter. Scroll to the top of the page and read the intro again for details on how to enter the competition and also get another vote in!