Every week we compile a selection of music to sing you into the weekend and list them in a post called #bottomrightcorner. Sometimes new tunes, sometimes themed tunes and sometimes we ask a music aficionado to choose the tunes for us. This week we have decided to summarise some of the new releases of the past month or two. Ranging from futuristic dub pop to post punk, we hope that this selection is diverse enough to match each melody to an appreciating ear. So here it is, go wild!
– ‘Waste Of Time’

The Danish singer’s debut single for Chess Club Records lets her affection-inspiring, highly melodic vocals hold their own over softly sliced bass-ey beats. Her name roughly meaning ‘unmarried’ or ‘virgin’, the electropop singer’s innocent quirkiness is much anticipated on her still-to-be-completed debut album. Watch out for it!
Standish/Carlyon – ‘Nono/Yoyo’

Formerly members of indie rock band The Devastations, Tom Carlyon and Conrad Standish are trying their hand at something more ‘now’ — with success. Labelled ‘futuristic dub pop’, their recently released debut album Deleted Scenes — some of which you can stream here — is one that’ll have you embrace the winter blues. Here’s the hauntingly chilled ‘Nono/Yoyo’.
Savages – ‘She Will’

All-female London-based post punk band Savages have the same post-revolution spirit that their late 1970s associates are famous for. Heralded ‘Joy Division’s younger sisters’, they unabashedly live up to this cliché with their awakened guitar-screeching single ‘She Will’ from their debut full-length Silence Yourself.
Daft Punk feat. Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams – ‘Get Lucky’

Already having sold 500 000 copies in the UK, this tune is bound to stick in many an eardrum for a fair amount of time. ‘We’re up all night ’til the sun. We’re up all night to get some, We’re up all night for good fun, We’re up all night to get lucky…’
The Editors – ‘A Ton of Love’

‘A Ton of Love’ from British alt rockers The Editors serves as a teaser to the band’s forthcoming album The Weight of Your Love. Much like the album it’s an uplifting rock melody ridden somewhat contradictorily but nonetheless effectively by Tom Smith’s steady but longing vocals.
Vampire Weekend – ‘Diane Young’

Taken from their recent third album Modern Vampires of the City, this song still demonstrates what the band is best at — combining catchy with unique and indie. What is more, Ezra Koenig’s exclusive voice will never bore, rendering every new release a relief that the band’s still producing music. We hope that it will never stop, here’s ‘Diane Young’.

Words by Christine Hogg