Cape Town’s female-fronted industrial-metal band TERMINATRYX (pronounced: ‘Terminaytricks’) has crossed the 10-year mark and have a new studio album on the way. The band continues to fight their audio-visual battle to create uncompromising alternative music in a country that, they feel, pays little attention to the genres with which the band is passionately engaged, from metal and industrial to Gothic and even hard rock and cinematic moods.

Terminatryx, image: Dr-Benway

The band is currently in the studio completing their new studio album – Shadow – which is being co-produced by Paul Blom and renowned South African producer Theo Crous. Shadow will take the band and its listeners into a new sonic realm, and to give you an idea of what’s to come they’ve released the album’s first (and title) track for free! The track is still unmastered, with the rest of the album still in production, but we’re sure you’ll like it as is… So, without further ado:

TERMINATRYX is also running an INDIE GO GO crowd funding campaign to help make the release as good as it can get. Check it out here. You can also view the campaign video clip here.



Ron on drums

Paul on guitar

Sonja on vocals

Pat on bass

group photo by Dr-Benway