What you seek is seeking you

Clouds of winter may descend but nothing will damper the spirit of a rustic nomad. Saturday the 3rd of August will see the third of five events designed to showcase NomadiQ Music – a label that holds hands with Cape Town-based creative space, it’s a house. Both of these independent, non-commercial brands have the sole mission to represent and nurture local talent.



The message is music and dance is the language. The label was born out of friends who share a common vision and were willing to put everything aside and follow a collective dream. NomadiQ Music has installed a notable philosophy and built a movement by putting ideas and dreams into action through creating rare and meaningful electronic music experiences. The desired outcome of such happenings comes as a challenge to convert establishments not traditionally made for ‘an underground electronic experience’. For example, when they took the ‘underground’ to the rooftop in their summer rooftop parties. A fundamental part of the experience was to introduce new offbeat features of city life. This time round they play host to some of the world’s finest underground electronic legends ~ Nekes (GER) & Shane Watcha.



With every gathering we strive to create a line-up strong enough to carry the night through. On and on we go, launching the true force of an after party. We are all searching travellers united by dance. We have a unified mission born out of friendship and we celebrate that. Join your fellow nomads on Saturday 3rd August at Cape Town’s Butterfly Studio as we beautifully transform a blank canvas to a space of playfulness and prepare your ears for a soundscape containing subtle pulses and smooth slides.


Rustic Nomads: Line-up


We have two double tickets to give away! Follow these two steps:

– Leave a comment below or on the event page, telling us what DJ you think should play naked?

– Tweet @onesmallseedsa & @nomadiQmusic and tell us what you think a ‘rustic nomad’ is. (don’t forget to add the link to this competition)

Winners will be announced on Friday at 12 30!

When entering the studio/fantasy land, the instant realisation of vivacious spirits and excitement led to an infectious toe-tapping that could only be accompanied by dance floor attendance. Get tickets online via residentadvisor.net Like NomadiQ Music for updates. Click HERE for the Facebook event.


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