Admit it — in the last month or so, you’ve bobbed your head to Pharrell William‘s most recent hit song Happy at least once.

Image: Screen Shot from You Tube

Image: Screen Shot from You Tube

Written as the lead single for both Pharrell’s newest 2014 album G I R L, and for the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album, this song has had all of us instantly bouncing to the cheerful beat and exuberant vocals. It’s just damn catchy. In fact, so catchy that most of the world — about 97 countries to be exact — have decided to dance along to the contagiously bright tune and spread the happiness. is a platform created by Julie Fersing and Loïc Fontaine, from Nantes, France. The goal, as explained on the site by Fersing and Fontaine, is

To get people to understand what a hit this song is, and to display happiness all around the world. We want to spread as many videos as possible that are all inspired by one simple idea that has nothing to do with money, politics or religion

The most recent and, of course, our favourite version comes straight from the heart of Cape Town. Directed by Shamiel Soni and Tannan Woods and produced by Nicki Priem, this video showcases the gorgeous Mother City and makes us proud to be one of the many happy locals living here.

Naturally, when a song gets this big on the music radar, remixes will be abound. So far, the best and most interesting remix we’ve come across is a sad version of ‘Happy’ by Woodkid. Polish-born, French-raised director, designer and chamber-pop musician Yoann Lemoine has given Pharrell’s #1 smash a string-laden treatment that’s more likely to tug at your heart than move your feet. Pretty clever take.