We all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. Our childhood wouldn’t be complete without them…but just how well do we really know these fabled women?

Spanish illustrator, Marilen Adrover, is responsible for the work that portrays some of fairy tales’ most recognisable protagonists posing for their mugshots. Alice seductively showcases a tab of acid on her tongue while Red Riding Hood holds up her plaque with a battered face like something out of Fight Club. One can’t help but admire the skill with which these images were created — the great blend of colour and the depth of textures add a touch of realism while the artists use of rough lines maintain that cartoon style.

Could it be that our minds become so perverse with age that we begin to think that Snow White could have had sexual relations with the seven dwarfs? Or that Alice was most likely tripping off daddy’s acid that he left on the counter? It would appear that these so-called ‘fairytales’ might not have been so child friendly in the first place. Red Riding Hood actually eats her own grandmother or, according to The Brothers Grimm version of Snow White, the queen who poisons her is actually her mother. She gate-crashes her daughter’s wedding and then makes her dance in metal shoes that were in a fire until she died. Not that evil huh? I’d rather let my children watch Game of Thrones.

Words: Matthew Alexander
Images: Marilen Adrover

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Fairy-Tale mughsots

Marilen Adrover

Fairy-Tale mugshots

Marilen Adrover

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