one small seed, in partnership with PUMA, is extremely excited to release issue 26 of one small seed magazine – the “Irony of Reality” issue – which is also our first digital issue! We’ve done a 180 on the traditional page-turning experience, making it fun and interactive with videos just waiting for you to click play! Content that’s perfect for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

one small seed magazine 26 | digital 01: The Irony of Reality Issue, in Partnership with PUMA |



Filled with videos, photography, art and words that transports you to a place of visual awe, this issue features creativity from across the globe. Reality is often rooted in what you experience, not in the material you touch. It’s perceived subjectively, and has many interpretations. As you’ll find from the artists we feature in this issue.

Urban artist SOAP believes that ‘science demonstrates that visual proof is the weakest proof. What we see, feel and touch is not real at all.’ Photographer Sam Norval thinks of ‘something truly real and honest,’ he suggests that ‘we almost don’t believe it to be true or honest. We tend to look for the deception and untruths more than just accepting the reality presented in front of us.’



Jee Young Lee creates an otherworldly dreamscape with props that you can touch, Oliver Barnett photographs matter in nature to achieve an abstract image and New York photographer Rebecca Handler challenges popular history and myth by contrasting it with our modern-day reality.

Art, photography, science… Paper, canvas, computer screens… Realism, surrealism, hyperrealism. They’re all symbols with meaning attached to them, and it’s your call to use them to make sense of the world. No matter what you choose, we’ll agree on one thing: subjectivity is and always will be real.

Play with reality, don’t mess with fantasy, immerse yourself in the irony… or do as you please!

Nothing ever becomes real ’til it is experienced. 
― John Keats