Before you log onto Facebook today, take a look under your chair. Did you get an Apple product? Nothing? Yeah, these kinda apples don’t usually chill under chairs. While Oprah and her magic chairs might be a no-more with the show having come to an end, it hasn’t stopped Apple from showcasing why they remain in the forefront of electronics. Steve Jobs would be proud of his successor, current CEO Timothy D. Cook, on his ability to keep the momentum and general ethos of the organisation: ‘thinking differently to cultivate creativity’.


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Apple has been the focus of the electronic consumer industry for almost four decades, constantly churning out compelling and innovative technological goods. They managed to reinvent the wheel time after time through enhancing previously established products. Of course, mass marketing doesn’t hurt either as we’ve come to find. Watching Perspective, the video above, you can’t help but feel like the overpriced brand truly and sincerely cares about you, the customer.


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You will notice shifting-sentences centred on the idea of how — with the aid of its consumers [give your life savings a round of applause] — thinking out of the box brought the company thus far. Having dominated the market for years, they’ve never stopped raising the bar with their competitive advantage: an openness to change.

The ever transforming perspective that encapsulates the streamlined company has directed Cook to unveil the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and the loosely named ‘iWatch’ at a special event on 9 September 2014. In lieu of stagnating by waiting for their competitors to test the waters, Apple dove right in and released a smartwatch — its latest released innovation in four years.


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The iPhones, unlike their predecessors have larger screens with a sleek and slim design aimed at first time buyers. Surprise, surprise, they’re not water resistant nor have that many extra features outside of an app world we’ve seen time and time again. Perhaps Android will give them more time to catch up to the idea that wet phones are as desirable as the stone ages. Be that as it may, one thing the ‘iElectronics’ consumer giant has introduced is a payment system that integrates with its smartphones.

Treading lightly was indeed never the plan when Cook decided to unleash their wearable gadget. In true Apple fashion, the iWatch is a phone with a tracking device and HD hologram display that moonlights as a watch. Okay, perhaps that’s not entirely accurate. However, we can rest assured, a host of features ranging from heart rate monitoring and making calls to animated emojis in place of HD holograms, can be found with a tap of a finger. These are definitely exciting times for Apple lovers living in an age of technological advancement. So now we wait for the products to fly off the shelves with reckless abandon.

Words by Mpumelelo Msomi


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