American National News published an article this morning (20 October 2014) claiming that the famous, yet anonymous, graffiti artist, activist, film director and painter – Banksy – has been arrested by London’s Metropolitan police. Banksy has been allegedly identified as 35 year old, Paul Horner, born in Liverpool.




The National News article has been shared by over 34.5K people on facebook within the first 4 hours of it being published. Some of the comments include:

‘Don’t the cops have anything else better to do than arrest such a prolific artist who has done so much good?’ shatstorm

‘I thought he was arrested in 2011… guess not. My thoughts and prayers go out to Banksy!’ Sly

one small seed did some research, and believe that this incident is just a re-hash of the hoax which occurred on February 22, 2013. The below picture’s are our case, and point:





Ok, so a few of the names have been changed, and the date amended, but we believe that Banksy is out there having a good laugh! What do you think? Share your comments below…

Watch our exclusive interview with Shepard Fairey (who featured in Banksy’s 2010 documentary Exit through the Gift Shop in 2010) here.