Eduardo Salles’ quirky and colourful illustrations do more than provide a good laugh. The Mexican illustrator and designer’s series entitled ‘Cinismo Ilustrado’ (‘Cynicism Illustrated’) uses satire to confront ideas of religion, politics, the environment, and popular trends in the 21st century.

One poster depicts what looks like a homeless man begging for facebook ‘likes’, another with the words: ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re looking at your smartphone’.



Salles aptly sums it all up with the poster ‘Icons that f**k up your day’: most of us know what it feels like to have one bar of wifi signal, or to wait for that double tick on whatsapp.


Another poster entitled ‘Run Pistorius Run’, depicts a blindfolded person carrying a sword and the scales of justice, running after a man with prosthetic blades for his legs. Enough said…


Here is what some users had to say about Salles’ illustrations…

oh my what a wonderfully refreshing dose of true reality. dmj12

I don’t see a lot of cynicism in here….Social commentary is more accurate. Maybe social commentary by a cynic. Nolieolieolieoooo

sad how true most of these are… mrGrumps



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