Shiny, Happy, People... The people of Joburg

Shiny, Happy, People… The people of Joburg

Not often do you meet a person who emits an energy that continues to resonate through you. Well Spoek Mathambo is that guy. An Ndebele Prince, a DJ, graphic artist and recently Mshini Wam – Spoek transcends all those petty nationalisms. Berlin. Germany. Miami. New York. He travels the world, making friends and breaking stereotypes, breeding...


Belgium street artist Roa has taken over London’s East End with his massive black-and-white murals of animals, hand-painted on walls of derelict buildings. Starting his work in the quaint cobbled streets of his hometown of Ghent in Belgium, his work now decorates buildings all over Europe and in New York. This year he held his...

FlashBack | Miss Van la Révolution feminine | issue8

Miss Van has become one of the most iconic artists of our generation. Beyond making a name for herself in the otherwise male-dominated culture of graffiti, her work has made a transcendental shift from gritty streets to pristine gallery walls. Bijou de Beau crosses the street to visit the gallery and find out more. Beholders...