shiny happy peopleNot often do you meet a person who emits an energy that continues to resonate through you. Well Spoek Mathambo is that guy. An Ndebele Prince, a DJ, graphic artist and recently Mshini Wam – Spoek transcends all those petty nationalisms. Berlin. Germany. Miami. New York. He travels the world, making friends and breaking stereotypes, breeding little Spoeks and making SA proud. With bold colour to suit bold ambition, Spoek’s a mover, a shaker and Joszi’ very own filthy-beat-maker.


Joburg- A city in consistent fluidity. Meet Aryan Kaganof, a maven of all things creative. Aryan possesses a rare tenacity for raw experimentation. He’s a visual being, with a macabre insight into the human psyche. Suspended naked, blood smeared and silhouetted by hostile global images, his work reminds us of the fragility of human kind. A subjective voyeur and an inventor who cannot be found on a Sunday morning. He’s prolific and he’s watching YOU. Check out


Hello Bruce Cowie. A Jozi boy through and through, this creative ambassador has been “doing his thing” in the design industry for over 11 years. Founder of Design Is A Good Idea, Bruce celebrates all of life’s marvellous obscurities. Noticing & promoting interesting things that others tend to miss, he illustrates how find extraordinary beauty and colourful flamboyancy can be found if we just look a little closer, for a little longer.


Frivolities aside, Chris Saunders is just another man with a camera. Alongside Murray Turpin (m18j92t), Nick Nesbitt (Kidu) and Clinton Jordaan he’s part of Team Uncool. Chris believes in the power of a collective energy. He’s about revolutionizing conventional ways of thinking, making great sandwiches, and hustling like Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone.


Joburg isn’t dressed pretty. Shit goes down. It’s about embracing the intense energy. A real place for real people. No matter who you are, where you’re from or where you’re going, remember that “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You’er than You.”! So, from us and Dr Seuss adios amigos, we’ll be seeing you soon.