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Plastiek Fashion Editorial by Stiaan Louw

When one considers the phrase “trends beyond threads,” we think of the concept behind the clothing; the idea behind what we do when it comes to textile, colour, and cut. Well that’s us. Stiaan Louw on the other hand doesn’t use threads — at all… Put the kids away before you take a look at...
Fantasy vs. Reality

Fantasy vs. Reality

Fascinated by circus folk and fancy dress, Virginie Harel had always been inspired by festivals – the colours, the experimental, the people… the non-conformists. Her album The Mannequin Masquerades is playful and unplanned – colours may clash, flowers may be fake, lipstick is nail polish and men dress as women. We just had to find...
The Frown for Rayne // Bride Of Zion

The Frown for Rayne // Bride Of Zion

We catch up with Jessica Lupton and Jessica Rayne – the stylist’s behind the fashion film The Frown for Rayne // Bride Of Zion. Simply put, the concept behind the song is about a girl casting a spell to make a boy fall in love with her. With a powerful array of visuals that seem...
the anti-elitist aesthetic: can you picture it?

the anti-elitist aesthetic: can you picture it?

We were grateful for an interview with up-and-coming duo – photographer Daniel David Webber (D) and picture editor Christo Botha (C). Both in love and broke, they’re fueled by a deep passion for fashion and art. These bitches are for realzi.
|Issue 25 - Photoshoot Preview | Dr-Benway: Tastefully fetish

|Issue 25 – Photoshoot Preview | Dr-Benway: Tastefully fetish

Shiny boots of leather, downy sins of streetlight fancy… In the new edition of one small seed magazine – Issue 25 “The Bigger Picture” Issue – we feature a photoshoot by Dr-Benway and explore some of the darker recesses of the human sexual psyche. Here’s a sneak preview of the shoot by one small seed...
WATCH: one small seed magazine's issue 25 preview

WATCH: one small seed magazine’s issue 25 preview

one small seed magazine issue 25 – “The Bigger Picture” – out now! Check out our content preview and keep posted to for full interviews, videos and much more coming this week… Length 02:18 one small seed’s 25th issue Content Preview from one small seed on Vimeo.
Madame Peripetie's world of the bizarre

Madame Peripetie’s world of the bizarre

Madame Peripetie or else known as Sylwana Zybura is an artist whose biography is written via her work. Madame Peripetie  takes her work to another level as she pushes the limitations between fashion, sculpture, and the human anatomy.
Speed, chicks, a bag and a book

Speed, chicks, a bag and a book

Formed in 1997, Chicks on Speed are the dynamic international performance and fine art collaborative, made up of members Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan. The duo met at the Munich, Germany Academy of Fine Arts and it was here that their unique name was born…
Thom Browne's menswear

Thom Browne’s menswear

Thom Browne is an American fashion designer based in New York City.
New collaboration - Versace for H&M

New collaboration – Versace for H&M

What do the names Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons, Jimmy Choo, Victor & Rolf and Lanvin in common? Yes, they’re all designers, but they have also collaborated with H&M, the Swedish fast fashion chain. Now it’s time for Versace to shine, they got their inspiration out of their old iconic Versace-designs, only to...
Buddy Chellan on What he's Wearing

Buddy Chellan on What he’s Wearing

Buddy’s interest in BMX was triggered at a very young age.  His first BMX came along when he was about 13 years old, and it too served merely as a means of transportation. Through riding his bike, Buddy started meeting other riders, and heading on out for those long road pedaling trips. He started absorbing...


I can sense a fashion vibe in the streets of South Africa, there is something about to happen, It is a movement. It is a revolution and it’s got a name: WOZA.              


According to the Urban Dictionary: “Crazy White Bitches, containing some ghetto ass girls! CV Illie representing! You may betta watch out for Crazy white bitches!” Cape Town; meet the Crazy White Bitches.