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Psycho ‘Toons Are Here To Spoil Your Childhood

Beware, the following is strictly PG-rated material — the images will certainly confuse childhood beliefs of what’s good and bad. You may still recognise Goofy as Disney’s dopey-eyed dog, but he’s lost his silly charm. The cartoon-turns-splatter images were created by artist Dan Luvisi, who takes great pleasure in ruining childhood dreams, not only visually...

Max Papeschi: Butchering Innocence

Max Papeschi may have begun his career as an author and director in film, television, and theatre, but the avante garde daredevil has twisted his skills into something a little more wicked. The satirical artist is known for his nightmarish re-intereterpretations of children’s fictional favourites. His visions see Mickey Mouse as a naked prostituting Nazi,...
Meet Mutant Mickey

Meet Mutant Mickey

Rob McLeod, a Glasgow born artist who emigrated to New Zealand has been developing his art since he began studying art in 1969. His latest collections feature grotesque figures in bright hues, twisted limbs and organs in an array of the most vivid colors.