Rob McLeod, a Glasgow born artist who emigrated to New Zealand has been developing his art since he began studying art in 1969. His latest collections feature grotesque figures in bright hues, twisted limbs and organs in an array of the most vivid colors.





Having begun his training in Glasgow, McLeod left after completing his degree due to the stricture on the art scene in Glasgow at the time. He moved from genre to genre, figurative, to abstract to splatter painting, but a love of experimentation and trying to avoid being pinned down to one type of art led to the “ Meet Mutant Mickey” series.

Featuring the well know Disney character or parts of him, interspersed with references from the artist’s life in frantic scene’s and figures that are painted on ply wood. The unconventional canvas has supports, making this art a fluid installation, and creating a tension between shape and color.


The artworks are a pastiche of frenetic  imagery, your eyes struggle to absorb the detail and references contained in these moving works of art. And why does he do it? As he explains in his youtube video, it makes him happy and he’s no good at anything else.

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