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Rising Up to sit down for a Q&A with OBEY

While a growing number of individuals – laughing, jamming, conversing and feeling the funk on the streets of Braamfontein, Jozi – gazed up at Shepard Fairey’s forming mural of Mandela, one small seed was gearing up for up our talk with the American contemporary street artist/illustrator/activist. Watch our video interview with the face and force...

On a Wire with UNKLE’s co-founder

‘I think it’s a dramatic shake up that’s happening. It’s interesting times for artists now.’ – James Lavelle, 2011. Ernst Lass, our designer at the time, had a conference call with the voice of UNKLE. Discover more about James Lavelle in this interview, featured in our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership...


Watch one of History’s most unlikely collaborations… An animation of six Timeless minutes. one small seed magazine / Issue 27 / Digital 02: “Big Brands and Famous Artists” Issue, in partnership with PUMA.