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Watch Roger Ballen’s “Outland” (2015)

Phaidon Press has released a revised version of the iconic book Outland by photographer Roger Ballen, who is also featured in our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed issue. Filmmaker Ben Jay Crossman takes us on a journey to the Outland to show us the mind inside the mind.

Roger Ballen: much more than Die Antwoord’s inspiration

Meeting New York-born, South African-based photographer Roger Ballen was a surreal and humbling experience. His brazen creativity, technique and ability to ‘see’ some one/something in a way you or I might not… A true genius with such a rare and beautiful insight into the human soul and mind. Watch our short doccie and Q&A with...

“Best Of” Issue | one small seed magazine / issue 29 / digital 04

The best of our 10 years in independent publishing has been curated in this epic edition… Welcome to one small seed magazine / issue 29 / digital 04. Going through the pages of 25 print magazines and our three digital issues to select the content has left us smiling, laughing, lingering and certainly remembering–and we have...


  The second solo exhibition of Roger Ballen, including stills from the ‘I Fink U Freeky’ music video he directed and work from the Shadow Chamber series, which inspired Ninja and Yo-landi to launch Die Antwoord, opened on September 18th. It seems New York-born photographer Roger Ballen always had an interest in outcasts. This is...
Stefan Krynauw – Portrait of a Painter

Stefan Krynauw – Portrait of a Painter

A year ago Stefan Krynauw traded his thespian life in Stellenbosch in pursuit of art. And in less than 12 months the actor-turned-artist has landed his first solo exhibition, Portrait of a Painter, at the Rooke Gallery in Johannesburg, sharing the same walls that have graced the likes of Roger Ballen, Liam Lynch and The...
Contemporary South African Art in Brazil

Contemporary South African Art in Brazil

The work of top South African artists like William Kentridge, Roger Ballen and Mary Sibande is currently showing in Brazil, as part of an exhibition of contemporary South African art at The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, or MAC).

FlashBack | Roger Balen: Fly Me Away | Issue22

Located not far outside Johannesburg is a big empty space, a space where people are divided up with blankets, sheet metal and wood… a place that Roger Ballen calls ‘The Boarding House’. Between 2004 and 2008, the photographic artist would spend five days a week living and interacting with the people there, capturing those individuals...
Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen

In November 2010, one small seed TV met up with Roger Ballen for an enlightening one-on-one. Here we found out more about his time spent at the Boarding House, and took a closer look at his photographs. Three photographs that Roger Ballen discusses in this onesmallseed TV exclusive are ‘Pathos’ (2005), ‘Mimicry’ (2005) and ‘The...