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3D animation that must be seen!

Editor-in-chief Giuseppe Russo interviewed one of the directors from Polynoid, a design studio in Germany. created the insane 3D animation titled 'Loom'... watch it and find out the inside scoop on what it took to create the epic animation. Featured in our 'Best Of' Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA.

A Masterpiece by Madonna, Steven Klein, Vice & BitTorrent

We’re not shy to say that, stylistically speaking, we love everything about Madonna’s 17-minute short film. In September last year, the 55-year-old superstar released her secretprojectrevolution, a film she co-directed with Steven Klein. Shot beautifully on a Red camera and entirely in black and white, the cinematography, soundtrack and communication are flawless. And to be...

The Red Valentine

The Red Valentine is set in Australia, 1944… After a pair of young lovers are discovered dead, a tangled web of deception unravels,revealing that behind the passionate tragedy lies a dangerous truth. (Length: 15:02)

T.O.M. – The journey of a young boy

T.O.M. is a multi-award winning short film from Holbrooks, which tells the journey of a young boy. (Length: 02.59)

Karl Lagerfeld | Once Upon A Time…

Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel and all around artistic mastermind, has released yet another film for the famed fashion house, premiering today, May 8th, at Chanel’s Cruise collection event in Singapore. (Length: 18:00)