Editor’s Pick

Crazier than Hunter S. Thompson?

Our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA, features a rare interview with the legendary Gonzo artist and cartoonist Ralph Steadman. In it he shares (among many other anecdotes): ‘”Rolling Stone” co-founder Jann Wenner agreed that I was crazier than Hunter. Oh Dear’

Even in the early days of Hendrik Vermeulen Couture, it was all about…

Patterns, texture, and superior quality fabrics. Hendrik Vermeulen Couture forms part of our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA. Issue 19’s fashion spread, entitled “Project Aiko: Rise of the Machines”, shows an exquisite collection by the local haute-couture fashion designer.

This man knows how to make girls go Wild

Check out this video and photo-shoot starring the avant-garde German creative Matt Taylor, who introduces himself in Issue 17 (The Wild Issue) as Milfred du Toit. Forming part of our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA.

3D animation that must be seen!

Editor-in-chief Giuseppe Russo interviewed one of the directors from Polynoid, a design studio in Germany. Polynoid.tv created the insane 3D animation titled 'Loom'... watch it and find out the inside scoop on what it took to create the epic animation. Featured in our 'Best Of' Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA.

That day in the garage… it got greasy

Part of our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed Issue, in partnership with PUMA, is the Urban Eniquity fashion spread (Issue 22). We commissioned German photographer Guido Schwarz to shoot an industrial grime-inspired fashion story… Girls, Guys, Grease, this was no ordinary garage set.

International “Men’s Health” Model goes all Coy for one small seed

The South Beach Fashion Shoot from Issue 17 brings heat to our ‘Best Of’ Ten Years one small seed, in partnership with PUMA. It isn’t often one is able to have such a renowned model, Bryce Thompson, on set. And a big-ups to all (on and off set) that were there for doing a stellar...

Why every new Macbook needs a new charger? Fuck you. That’s why.

A fun video on why every new Macbook just has to come with a different charger…

“Best Of” Issue | one small seed magazine / issue 29 / digital 04

The best of our 10 years in independent publishing has been curated in this epic edition… Welcome to one small seed magazine / issue 29 / digital 04. Going through the pages of 25 print magazines and our three digital issues to select the content has left us smiling, laughing, lingering and certainly remembering–and we have...

‘Anonymous’ says “fuck you” to Kanye West. A must-watch!

‘Anonymous’ says “fuck you” to Kanye West. Watch the video!


The first thing Oleg Dou remembers from his childhood, is being electrocuted when he was two years old. From the moment he ‘cleaned up’ a photo of a friend too much, he decided to go forward with this hauntingly beautiful style of photography.

Nick Cave and his Dancing Suits

We see with our eyes, listen with our ears, smell with our nose and feel with our body. Issue 24 – ”Listen to my Colour & Look at my Sound” is all about understanding spaces and sounds on completely different levels. On a similar level however, we have Nick Cave’s amazing sound suits to awake...

Vyacheslav Mishchenko Captures Larger-Than-Life Snails

Often forgotten due to their size and slimy nature, the dos and don’ts of snail life have now been exposed through Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko‘s macro lens. The beautiful close-ups change our perceptions of the plant-destroying goo-in-a-shell, making their lifestyle look quite idyllic and the creatures quite adorable.

#tbt 2008/2009 | FlashBack to Issue #13 for “Happy Hour”

#tbt- 2008/2009, one small seed magazine, Issue 13. It’s always Happy Hour somewhere!