The Rolling Stones pay a tweet tribute to the late Michael Bursten. “We’re sad to report that former Motörhead guitarist Michael “Würzel” Bursten has died at the age of 61. RIP.” reads the tweet.  The legendary guitarist  and former co-writer to the Motörhead band was born 23 October 1949 and sadly died 9 July 2011, allegedly attributed to a heart disease.









The first of  his nine album’s being the 1984’s No Remorse to 1995’s Sacrifice with the Motörhead band. The talented guitarist performed with different bands including Warhead and the punk group Splodgenessabounds. The Motörhead’s drummer, Mikkey Dee shared with Swedish newspaper Expressen, “(He was) more rock and roll, than all of us put together. He was wonderful, he was really funny. There was a lot of rock and roll in the old man.” The band too paid homage at Sonisphere – “We’d like to dedicate this set and our lives to Würzel”.

Michael Bursten served as a corporal in the British Army and there nicknamed “Würzel”. It stuck due to his characteristic features resembling that of the scarecrow in Worzel Gummidge, the children’s British TV show. Notably late Michael “Würzel” Bursten’s career took off at age 35 from builder in earning an audition to fill the spot of  Brian “Robbo” Robertso from Motörhead. He made his debut featuring as the fourth member of British Motörhead band while appearing in the cult comedy sitcom, The Young Ones.

Würzel had an unforgetable meeting with the Rolling Stones at the 100 Club in London. Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister of Motörhead, describes the incident, “Würzel ran down there, all excited, and, just as he comes to the bottom (basement) , Bill Wyman (the Stones bassist) comes along, and he hits him full-on and lands him flat on his back … Great start to the evening, you know? ‘Hello, Bill, I’ve always been a fan of yours. Oh sorry, have I knocked you out?'”

This memorable guitarist was recording with Leader of Down – recently formed before his passing.  Michael “Würzel” Bursten, a legend from his  Motörhead days continues to be celebrated.

Below Würzel can still be seen performing with the headbanging Motörhead band to Steal Your Face (Live Birthday Party ’85) before separating in 1995.